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Our stylish integrated burners are professional and powerful. Pitt Cookers are designed
to fit into every type of kitchen, from modern to classic styles.
PITT Cooking proves that unique design can be perfectly combined with functionality.

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  • Spacious – You can use all the burners at the same time, you will always have enough
    room for your pots and pans.

  • Strong – Made in Holland and hand assembled using high quality materials and robust
    powerful burners.

  • Easy Maintenance – Easy to clean and maintain due to the flexible design.

  • Design – Our system is a real eye catcher it will give your kitchen an extraordinary and
    unique look. We offer 30 different models to choose from in 3 different types of finishes.

  • Functionality – Our unique multi-functional burner offers 30% more power than
    traditional burners, allowing you to go from simmer to wok on a single burner.

  • Safe & Reliable – During use the temperature of the countertop will remain low and there
    will be a minimal transfer of heat. All burners can be ignited with a match.

  • Compatibility – Pitt Cookers can be easily and safely combined with a wide range of
    countertop choices: quartz, granite, porcelain, concrete, stainless steel, Corian, terrazzo
    and ceramics.

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